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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HeadHardHat's Geocaching GPS Holiday List 2010

Okay the turkey has been gobbled up and there is only a few more swigs of Pepto left in the bottle. The holiday season is upon us and people are scrambling to find what is the most wanted GPS units out there. Below is my conclusions to the Geocaching GPS Holiday List for 2010.

It is my personal opinion which I have based on several years of asking directly from active geocachers and watching the trends of handheld units plus the incorporation of smart phone applications that the GPS market has become saturated. Much like the personal computer, at one point only the gamer and a few smaller niche of people owned them and thusly controlled it's overall popularity in the world. Then suddenly computers reached that point where everyone wanted them and thus saturated the market to the point they are giving them away. I feel GPS units have reached that point as well. Everyone has at least one and in many cases multiples. It was not too long ago that the only people who had a GPS was geocachers, hikers and survey people. Then the automobile GPS units started to come out and now they come standard in many cars. Handheld units are in demand but now almost all phones coming out now have GPS capability. You don't even have to have a handheld it's right on your phone. So mostly everybody in one way or another has them. A few years ago everybody wanted the latest and greatest GPS gizmo. The past couple of years, not so much.

So when I asked this year what GPS you would want under your tree the responses where half the numbers I was used to. Most wanted some top notch toys while many others were happier with the mid-ranged models. Very interesting indeed.

Below were the models from most popularly requested to the least. I linked up the top three for easy access to you.

HeadHardHat's Geocaching GPS Holiday List 2010

30% - Garmin Map 62st
15% - DeLorme PN-60 w/spot
10% - Garmin Oregon 450
 5% - Nokia N8 w/a geocaching app
 5% - Magellan Explorist
 5% - Garmin Dakota 20
 5% - Garmin Oregon 750
 5% - Android Phone w/a geocaching app
 5% - HTC Windows 7 w/a geocaching app
 5% - DeLorme PN-40
 5% - Garmin 76 CSx
 5% - Garmin 60 CSx

I hope this list helps you with your holiday ideas and that it brings some GPS goodness to a whole bunch of geocacher stockings. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.


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