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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Expedition Mississippi Update: Didn't Quite Make It

Read a blurb on Facebook from the Expedition Mississippi crew. This is where four guys were to ride kayaks from Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico. We were adding some geocaching aspects to their adventure as well and it turns out The Great Mississipp was just a bit more of a challenge than expected. Here is what was told.
"Shorter journey than we anticipated, but still no less of an amazing adventure. We're sorry to tell you that yesterday marked the end of Expedition Mississippi...we just got back into Bloomington.

There were several factors that played into our decision to get off the water. We'll go into detail about this in the film and maybe in an upcoming blog post, but in a nutshell the record breaking heat PLUS record breaking low water/current levels stopped us from making the progress we anticipated. The last couple weeks especially, we would go all out and maybe get 10 miles done, where we really needed to be doing 20 or more per day.

By the end, it became clear to us that we wouldn't meet the goal, even if things got better. ...we thought we made the best of the situation, but we decided it no longer made sense for us to push on at this point.
On the bright side, we still had an amazing adventure and got more than enough footage to put together an awesome film!! Thanks again for all your support, it wouldn't be possible without you. Stay tuned for further updates about the movie and other things......"
Better luck next time guys and I still am very interested in seeing your film.


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