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Sunday, July 8, 2012

HeadHardHat Reviews: The Unofficial Field Manual to Geocaching

HeadHardHat Reviews The Unofficial Field Manual to Geocaching

Out in the information universe there are a growing list of books about the game, sport and obsession known as geocaching. Whether the writing styles are to one person's liking or not all have nuggets of value which can help a geocacher enjoy geocaching better. I recently read The Unofficial Field Manual to Geocaching by Robyn C. Broyles and it is a fine assortment, even if it is unofficial, of geocaching information.

The book itself is of standard paperback size and lightweight at 96 pages. It is designed to be a handy reference guide to be used while out in the field. It should fit just fine in your favorite geocache pack.

Within it's covers a reader can find many general useful tid-bits a geocacher may need as they gain their geo-sense abilities. Many of the basic aspects of geocaching are touched upon and one in particular of note is a rather extensive section about GPS coordinates and conversions. What I also enjoyed was the emphasis on good geocaching practices sprinkled within all the geocaching facts and terminology.

This field manual would be very beneficial to geocachers who are just starting out and need a quick heads up when confronting new geocaching concepts. It also makes a great refresher to geocachers who want to renew themselves with the basics.

You can get The Unofficial Field Manual to Geocaching either in paperback or Kindle version here: http://www.geocachingmanual.com/.


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1 comment:

Robyn Broyles said...

Thanks for the review! I do hope people enjoy this book. It's priced to be easy to fit into your geocaching budget. The bison tube cache illustrated in the book is one of my own hides. The photos of the button nano and the matchstick container hanging from a branch are other cachers' hides.