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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Geocachers Creed

The Geocachers Creed is a voluntary set of guidelines that describes how geocachers in general should act.

Below is the Geocachers Creed highlighted in bold and some general thoughts for each point. If you have more I would love to hear your insights.

The Geocachers Creed

When placing or seeking geocaches, I will:

Not endanger myself or others. 
- placing a geocache in an area or situation that could hurt or possibly hurt someone else
- knowing your limits and not exceeding them while Geocaching
 - using the proper equipment when needed

Observe all laws & rules of the area.
- you do not have the right to break the law or enforced guidelines
- parking where not allowed
- trespassing is wrong
- out of bounds or during posted times (parks) - sunrise, sunset.

Respect property rights and seek permission where appropriate.
- No Trespassing means No Trespassing
- Landscaping and muggle trails
- Get written permission from land owner

Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm.
- bomb like Geocaches or caches that may seem suspicious
- looking suspicious when Geocaching
- speeding away from the area

Minimize my and others' impact on the environment. 
- Leave No Trace
- Muggle Trails
- Think Before You Search

Be considerate of others. 
- The Golden Rule

Protect the integrity of the game pieces.
- Protect travel bugs and geocoins
- Clean inappropriate materials from caches
- Repair when broken or full - Emergency Geocache Repair Kit

Most if not all of these are guidelines we can easily apply to not only geocaching but our everyday lives as well. I hope you found them useful.

See you out on the trails!

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