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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Met HillbillyHermione Looking For A 22 Favorite Point Geocache

Geocache Owner HillbillyHermione and HeadHardHat
On Saturday, Amy and I went for a geocache known as Hotel Illness which has 22 favorite points and now i know why.

After arrivimg near ground zero we scoured the area for about half an hour with no apparent spot around big enough to hide a large lock n lock box. We needed a little help on this one. Fortunately cache owner HillbillyHermione happened to be nearby and was very gracious to point us in the right direction. After making the find we got to spend a few minutes to talk and it was very cool to meet her and see this excellent geocache. Its GC36NA5 if interested in learning more.
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1 comment:

Lesley Looper said...

I found Hotel Illness and got to meet HillbillyHermione last Sunday! Fun!