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Monday, April 22, 2013

GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Episode 014 - Make Your Own Geocache and Quality Placement

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The GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights -- A tutorial podcast about geocaching.

Sponsored by: Cache-Advance.com, CoinsAndPins.com and RHPromos.com

Recorded LIVE at the GeoSnippits Studios in Raleigh, NC on April 18, 2013

Tonight's show — Hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Dave Debaere pull out all the stops in this very informative episode of show and tell while demonstrating how to create clever geocache hides. Not only do they go over five different geocache containers they also give great wonderful suggestions on how to make a quality placement as well. HeadHardHat also gives a detailed accounting of how he made his brand new "There Be Dragons Here" geocaching series. This is something to see and then try yourself.

It is an episode you do not want to miss.

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