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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greetings From The HeadHardHat

Hello... My name is Andy a.k.a. HeadHardHat... and I'm a Geocacher.

Hi HeadHardHat!

It has been 94 minutes since my last successful cache.

I have been caching for over a month now and have at this time about 30 finds (smilies) with the bulk of them over the past two weeks. I am constantly thinking about it.. If I go a day without looking I start to get the heebie-jeebies and have to go on a hunt. There have been several occasions when I debated if it was raining too hard or not for a quick grab (not if it was raining or not, just if it was raining too hard). There have been times when I have been a mile or so in the deep woods of North Carolina scouring under logs, in trees, under bushes, etc. I originally came from Michigan where the worst thing you can get bit from is a Pygmy rattler and I have never seen one in the wild. North Carolina on the other hand is another story. Venomous snakes, nasty spiders, creepy ticks (been bit once already), etc. can be around every turn but that no longer phases me.. Sure I am as cautious as possible but the fear factor is no longer in play. I am not sure what has gotten into me.

I go everywhere now with my trusty blue backpack filled with trinkets I have found, Dollar Store goodies I can swap as swag in the bigger caches, Travel Bugs and Geocoins... Not to mention boots, gloves, a foldable "grabber", Palm TX, Garmin GPS and my handy dandy notebook. Speaking of travel bugs I absolutely love them. Have a Mantis TB hanging from my windshield visor as we speak. I have plans where some go south, some go north and some are just waiting to be dropped off at the next cache... They literally travel the planet. I have one now that has seen 12 different countries and a good chunk of the United States. I brought him back from Michigan and will find a good spot somewhere here in North Carolina. That's how it all works. Find stuff, take stuff, leave stuff, move on to the next one, oh, and don't forget to sign the logs.

But I'm not obsessed, right? My wife has come on a couple of my adventures and found the caches much quicker than me. Dang it! But she did seem to have some fun. Though I haven't spent much time with her lately, cough, and she is letting me know it. Cold dinners on the table, laundry piled in the corner with the cat sleeping on it, talking on the phone with a guy named Paul.... The usual...

GeoCaching is fun. Real adult (kids can play but there are limits) treasure hunting. You never know where the next one will be or what will be in it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of caches everywhere in the US and around the world and never had a clue they were there. I fully intend to find as absolutely many as I can without physically getting killed. It requires a good gps to get you close and some serious deductive reasoning to find the caches. I find the thrill of the chase adicting as all get out. You would too if you give it a try...

If interested in going Caching with me, send me an email. There are events all year round down here where hundreds come to tell stories, trade items and most of all go find more caches.

But I'm not obsessed... Right?

If you have a caching obsession or want to share with the world about your Geocaching adventures. Please post here! Would love to hear from fellow cachers..

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tonka_boy said...

I'm not obsessed either! No, not at all. In fact none of us are???

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