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Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh EU457, How You Taunt Me So...

Oxford is a sweet little sleepy town in the northern Piedmont of North Carolina. It may be sleepy but I tell you what, there are some extremely clever individuals here. I have now seen two micro caches here that literally made me say out loud "you have got to be kidd'n me!".

This was my third trip to this cache site, third. That means I drove to the site 3X looked, scoured and vexed over the obvious. There's nothing special with this site. No wooded area with dozens of hiding spots, no bushes or flowering plants, just a small 10 x 4 chunk of plotted grass and a puzzle demanding to be solved. "It just has to be here, I know it is, I can hear the darn thing taunting me...", screams the little voice in my head. But Where? Slightly disheartened after my second attempt of producing absolutely nada, I put a shout out to Ringer2410. This is his first cache and to me it was a doosey. He wrote to me and basically sent a well needed flaming neon arrow describing a rough where the cache was. Now after being hand held by Ringer I looked again at the same spot I had observed a dozen times before. I mean really, I actually touched it (the cache) and never knew it was there. Though this time was different and I finally found my prize. Then as I was signing the log I once again realized that experience really does play a big factor in this game when it comes to locating caches. The number one rule in GeoCaching is NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. You have to check the obvious, the non-obvious and then go back and check it again.

I can't wait to see what else people have come up with geocaching. You simply do not know what you are going to find. People can be devilishly clever and I would not have it any other way...

Thanks Ringer2410 for the great hunt.. Do more and let me know when you do!


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