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Saturday, November 7, 2009

You're Welcome Harris Lake County Park

In my humble opinion geocachers are an amazing group of people. It is a community of fellowship that goes way beyond just finding Tupperware in the woods. Geocachers care about the game, sport, obsession which also includes the environment. In other words, the world is our game board and we like ours clean.

Each year we attend CITO events. That's Cache In Trash Out which as a general rule means a geocacher picks up trash while out geocaching. A CITO event brings sometimes hundreds of geocachers and volunteers out to parks and other areas that are in need of cleaning up then we do just that. We take out the trash by the truckloads.

This year I attended several CITO events including one for Harris Lake County Park in North Carolina. We had a great time and when completed I was happy with being able to participate in such a worth while
cause and that would be that. Yet they were not yet finished with us and I was so very pleased to be invited back to attend their 2009 VIP Picnic.

It was so much fun and the food was amazing. There was southern BBQ, Chicken, plus yummy sides and all the fixins'. Then top it off with a heap'n helping of banana pudding for desert. Nummy-nummy.

It was really kinda cool because not only were the geocachers there but many other volunteers that have helped doing events and activities in the park as well. So it was quite nice to mingle with everyone else as well.

There were even prizes given away while everyone was too stuffed to move. It was quite the event and I had a ball attending it. Thanks so much to the Harris Lake County Park Staff for this wonderful time.

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