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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lunchtime GotD: Not Quite A Bison Tube - Army Match Holder

If you never had seen one of these before you might wonder what they are when geocaching. Above is an Army style match holder container. You can get them at many sporting goods stores or an actual Army surplus store. Cost you about $2.00 and are fairly water tight. They have an Oring and screw down top. Better than a 35 mm container for sure. This was a nice quick Lunchtime Geocache Find and now I know where a local grocery store is - bonus.
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JJTally said...

I get mine at Walmart for a dollar a piece. They are actually very sturdy, made of thick plastic, and I have never had a problem with water. Of course they come in blazing orange, so some spray paint is in order. Now, if I can only get Walmart to put more on the shelf!