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Monday, January 25, 2010

What A Geocaching Record Breaking Day!

Wow! Saturday was amazing and it turned out to be a day full of new geocaching records and achieved milestones. Went out with CarolinaTrombone, UNCSweetchic (a team of three people), and Miss Geoness.

The day started at 6am with a bright sunrise and a van load of people. The idea was to attend two geocaching events. One in the morning and the other in the evening plus find as many geocaches as we could during the
day. What is commonly known as a numbers run.

Before the first morning event we were able to find quite a few geocaches. To get as many geocaches as possible we concentrated on only the ones that had a difficulty of 2 or less. That way we
could get in, find the geocache and move on at a really fast pace. The morning flew by as our tallies began to increase. We paused long enough to do a quick 15 minute meet and greet event then it was time to get back and find more geocaches. I had never seen so many bison tubes, 35mm containers, nanos and magnetic key holders in one day before. One after another flew by until we had to stop for a few moments to celebrate a milestone. One that I am quite proud of actually.

HeadHardHat Reaches 1000 Finds!

Yep the old HHH hit the four digit mark and found his 1000th
geocaching hide. I could not be more happy than to share this milestone with such a fun group of people. Miss Geoness gave me the big high five to congratulate me which made the experience complete.

Some geocachers like to save the big milestones and do something
special with them. For me this was all I needed and wouldn't have had it any other way. The cool thing was this would not be the only milestone for today. Soon after the celebration ended we were back at it. We came to get some serious numbers today so on we drove.

Geocache after geocache we continued to find as this unstoppable team marched through the Greenville, NC area. Before we knew it the afternoon evaporated and it was time for the evening event. It was held in a really nice Chinese restaurant that provided a huge buffet. Inside about 60 or so geocachers did what they do best and gabbed about geocaching, ate loads of food and swapped adventure stories. We had a lot of fun but once again the call of the geocaches beckoned and this time it was dark out.

Night caching is a whole lot of fun and it adds a bit of difficulty to the hunt. For one the geocaches are harder to see and you search most of the time via flashlight.

The next milestone reached was for CarolinaTombone who in the darkness found his 1200th find.

As the night progressed and midnight approached we all hit a personal best of 100 finds for the day. This included two events, a virtual, a mystery and a host of traditionals. What a great time!

So if anybody asks you if you want to go on a geocaching numbers run grab it with both hands and say yes. Sure we were on the road for 18 hours but the fun, friendship and memories is worth the fatigue from being in the car for so long. In fact, I am planning on my next 100 finds day right now.
See ya out on the trails!

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GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?
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Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Congratulations. Grin-Cat and I have done some long night number runs and we usually end up talking with the cops.

My wife and I did 5 virtual this weekend in bordering states and had the opportunity to stand in three states at one time - Texas, Arkansas and LA. It was awesome! I also wanted to pick up two more states on my map.

Geohandle - daddyof5greatkids

The Father of Five said...

Congrats on the 1000th!
Congrats on a 100 find day!

That's what I call a a "two-fer"!!

Katy Rose said...

Congratulations on both milestones. We have never done that many in one day.

UU-Jester said...

Can't imagine doing 100 in one day. Our record is 18, right now.

Congrats on the 1,000 find.
Around here, you'd be due a golden ammo can.
Any traditions like that by you?

Anonymous said...

1564 caches in a day found in Nevada on 4 September 2011.