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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wishing You The Absolute Best Geocaching Goodness In 2010

First and foremost everyone in the GeoSnippits gang wants to wish all our blog readers, video viewers and television fans the absolute best for 2010 and beyond. Without you we are nothing but empty words and unforeseen thoughts on an electronic screen. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being here with us and look forward to the absolutely amazing adventures we will share together in the future. I can tell you right here and now it will blow the socks off of anything you have seen so far, promise.

I was looking at some of my blog posts from a year ago and wanted to hit some highlights to show you how far we have come already.

GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos - Yep a year ago we had a total of nine videos in our series. I had just finished a two parter on Paperless Geocaching using GSAK and Cachemate on my Palm TX. I was just about to make my first review on a little application from Trimble called Geocache Navigator ;) Our videos are featured on Geocache Navigator's website.

Who knew how far we would go in a year?

Currently GeoSnippits has over 40 videos in our series and is full force in season two. We are seen all around the world and currently re-translating some of our videos for Portugal soon.

We are featured on Michigan Magazine TV and seen twice weekly in all 50 states on the RFDTV Network.

GeoSnippits is featured on the FIND ME the Movie website and now featured on their Special Edition DVD for the movie.

It has been a really fun year and a whole lot of dedicated work to get were we are now. From interviews on television and Internet podcasts to being featured on WRAL News for one of their summertime segments it has been quite the thrill. Again it would never have happened if it were not for our fans and viewers.

Once again, may 2010 be an amazing year for each and every one of you and hold onto your hats when it comes to what will be happening for GeoSnippits. I have a really good feeling it is going to be our best year yet! Be safe out there and God Bless.


GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?
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Erika Jean said...

That looks like a new hat? Christmas present?

HeadHardHat said...

Hehe, nope had it most of the summer. Bought it at an Army Surplus store when stocking up on some ammo cans.