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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Geocaching Instant Gratification With Smart Phones

It wasn't that long ago really that if you wanted to go geocaching you had to download a .gpx or .loc file from somewhere on the internet and then upload that file into your GPSr unit. By doing that you were sort of trapped to only that location and if you wanted to venture past that area you had to get another file. How times have changed.

Now many high end GPSr units have the ability to wireless transfer data from one GPSr to the next but you still have to have someone else to do this. The big question is what happens if you are in a totally unknown area where you do not normally geocache? The answer is smart phones.

For almost all of the smart phones these days there are applications (some are free, some you pay) that allow you to be just about anywhere and you can find geocaches. The kicker is you have to be able to connect to the internet through your phone but if you have that ability you are in like Flynn. This is absolutely fabulous if you suddenly find some time to kill or just want to go geocaching because you can. Then all you have to do is bring up the application, connect to the internet via your phone and start geocaching. Instant gratification.

Keep in mind though that when you go geocaching with your smart phone that they are not made for outdoor use. In other words dropping them on a rock or into a stream or pond is not a good thing. A genuine GPSr is made for such things and can take the punishment. So use your smart phone at your own risk.

Speaking of geocaching, I am about to head out and do some. I have never geocached in the area I want to go but no worries.. I have my smart phone ready to take on the challenge.

See you out on the trails...

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Knitika said...

Thanks for this post. Are there geocaching apps you recommend? I use geocaching live (Beta) from geocaching.com. I've looked at geocachenavigator, but I'm afraid I balk at paying a monthly subscription fee. Do you know of other apps? I've failed to find others. I'm willing to pay for a good software, I just don't have the financial means or willingness to pay monthly fees.