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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Stickpic: Better Photos When You Are Alone

I get asked all the time to review different types of products. From GPSr units, software applications to items you may want to use whilest geocaching. Today's product can be very useful when you are in the situation of being somewhere scenic, you want to take that killer photograph of yourself somewhere but you are by yourself. The best you are going to be able to get is a closeup of your face and not a whole lot behind you. Now what?

One handy solution is the Stickpic. You may have heard me mention it on the Cachers of the Round Table podcast back in June. You can here the entire CRT podcast here: http://cachersroundtable.com/ (go to June 2010).

This little gizmo is about the size of a finger ring and fits in your pocket for just this situation. If you are travelling light while on a hike the size of the Stickpic is a plus.

You simply attach it to the end of your hiking pole until snug and then hook on your camera via the tripod connector to the Stickpic adapter.

Extend your hiking pole out, set your 10 second timer on your camera and take the shot.

Not only are you able to have perfectly taken scenic photos but you can do them without having to ask a stranger.

Keep in mind that you should always have your camera safety strap attached to your hiking pole when doing this. The Stickpic can slip on occasion and you don't want to take the chance of your camera falling.

If you would like to find out more about the StickPic go to their main website here:

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Erika Jean said...

Cool if you have a point and shoot, but I couldn't see it working well for a dSLR. :-(

David said...

I have a Stickpic and it works great when I am out Geocaching alone. I never hike without it.