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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wanted: Viewer Suggestions for GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos

UPDATE - And The Winners Are....

Mike Guirdy - Cajunseeker (twitter)
Steven Sick 
Dave Clark
Tim Massaro
Collin French - Ukgcpodcast (twitter)

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions it was greatly appreciated. 

Congrats to our contest winners.

As you may already know that over 90% of all GeoSnippits geocaching videos are from viewer suggestions. We just finished a really popular one called GeoSnippits - Dealing with Geocaching Muggles. Now it's time to move on to our next tutorial and we would like your suggestions on what it should be.

So we are putting out a little contest. 

Please go to our GeoSnippits website and check out the videos we have already and then send in to us your best suggestion. We will go over all the ones submitted and the top five will win a GeoSnippits pathtag.

Send all submissions to headhardhat@gmail.com with the subject of GeoSnippits Suggestion.

Winners will be announced once chosen.

Good luck to all.

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Nick said...

Two suggestions.

Travel bugs and coins. All about them, including how to log and drop them off.

Tell me all about pathtags.

Geek Dan said...

I agree with Nick. A real good walkthrough of trackables,(visiting,grabbing,logging, discovering, dropping) as well as Discovering at Events, trading at events.

Would definitely like to see included reading the missions and goals of a trackable. What to do if you find a cache and the listed trackable is not there.

You might even want to do a bit on setting up your own trackable.