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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Family That Geocaches Together...

I get tons of emails from fans, viewers and a few critics every day. I love feedback because good, bad or indifferent it tells me what our fans want to know. Every once in a while I receive an email like the one below. I try not to toot my own horn, that much, yet it makes me feel unbelievably great after reading things like this:

Subject: You brought my family back together!
Just wanted to say a very big thanks for your videos (posted to YouTube). I discovered Geo Caching after buying a Garmin 1390lmt (not Geo Cache friendly :) ) and it turns out the kids love it. We are getting a Garmin 60csx just for doing these trips and your videos have been a central part of getting everyone in the family psyched AND educated on the in and out of the sport. Thanks again for having such an outstanding positive impact on our family. Your awesome!"
You are most welcome and thanks for brightening my day...

Every time I wonder if I am making an impact on the geocaching community I get wonderful things like this. Just wanted to share.


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