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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So I Received A GPSr For The Holidays - Now What? Think Geocaching!

Yeppers, the holidays are winding down and you received a GPS as a present. Way cool but now what?

Automobile GPSr
For many a GPSr (Global Positioning System Receiver) comes in the form of a device you may very well use for your automobile. Today's units are very intuitive. Put in an address or a Point Of Interest like the nearest fast food restaurant and suddenly you are on your way. They are so good now a days that they can direct you through traffic by missing the busy roads depending on the current automobile flow. Need the current weather for your road trip? No problem. Want the best prices from the gas pump? They can do that. The point is if you need to get from point A to point B an automobile GPS can get you there.

Did you know you can use it also for geocaching? Read on.

Smart Phone GPSr
With a few exceptions most smart phones now come with GPS technology built in. In other words the same type of information an automobile GPSr can receive may also be available on your new phone. Depending on the model you may already have apps or programs that can show your location on a map. For example Google Maps a well known application even has turn by turn instructions. I was amazed recently when using it that not only did it get me to my destination but as I drove up it actually showed a photo of the house I was trying to find. So right off the bat a smart phone is an amazing piece of technology.

Did you know you can use it also for geocaching? Read on. Just a little bit more.

Handheld GPSr 
Ah the staple of the everyday geocacher, an actual handheld GPSr unit. A beauty to behold. Handheld GPSr units are made for being outside. They are rugged, water resistant (not proof), have a long battery life and can
get you there and back again just about anywhere on the planet. If you are outside with either an automobile GPSr or smart phone they are at the mercy of the elements. A handheld is made to take it.

Most handheld GPSr units come with a standard map for good point of reference. They do not always come with maps that you can use for turn by turn directions. This means that it will show you what road you are on (if you are on a road) but it can't give you step by step like an automobile unit can. What do people use Handheld GPSr units for? Tons of things actually, hiking, trail blazing, biking, etc. Just about anything you can do outside that puts you in a situation you don't want to get lost or need to find a specific place on a map.

Want to know what all of these GPSr units can be used for?  Geocaching!
What's geocaching you say? Geocaching is a game, sport and for some obsession where you go out and find well hidden containers called "geocaches". The geocaches are hidden all around the world, literally over a million of them sprinkled across the planet. There are most likely some right near you right now and you didn't even know they are there. Geocachers use GPSr units like the ones I just described to find these geocaches. Which means if you did just get a GPSr for the holidays - You can go geocaching!

This post is to go over the high points about different GPSr units in general and if you like millions of other geocachers want to learn more about geocaching here are some links to tons of information you can read up about. You will find them very useful and before you know it will be out finding your first ones. Enjoy.

The main hub of the geocaching world. Sign up and get all the coordinates you want for finding geocaches.

HeadHardHat's Award Winning Geocaching Blog - Geocache: I'm Not Obsessed... Right? 
Here is years of searchable information about geocaching right at your fingertips. Not only do you get all my tips, tricks and techniques but access to my famous GeoSnippits geocaching videos as well. A must see.

GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos
There are dozens of very informative geocaching videos made for geocachers about geocaching. Tons of information on what geocaching is, tips, reviews, and real life examples of how to enjoy geocaching as a whole. Highly recommended for all geocachers to check these videos before venturing out.

So there you have it. Some examples of the different types of GPSr units you may have received this year for the holiday. They are amazing technologies and can be fun to use for an amazing activity like geocaching as well.

See you out on the trails.


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