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Thursday, December 30, 2010

NCGO Spotted In “The Geocaching Year in Review” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

A little while back I noticed that Geocaching.com's blog Latitude 47 posted a request for geocachers to send in a 20 second video showing why we liked geocaching. In return they would put together a short video using some of the clips from those videos for their final showing "The Geocaching Year In Review". Just for kicks I put together some of my favorites of the year which included a segment from our NCGO 10th Anniversary event.  This is the segment they chose to include in the video. We are at the 1:55 or so point. Don't blink but I am rather pleased we made it in.

You can see the post and video here:

Here is the 20 Second video I originally submitted:

Here is the link if the video does not show above:

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1 comment:

Roger said...

Thanks for getting us on the radar of the mother ship. Neat video clip