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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plenty of nearby Geocaches to find before and after the "Our Geocaches Can Beat Up Your Geocaches Event"

I just pulled into Aberdeem, NC to attend my first Dirtbag Geocaching Society event. Yes that is what they call themselves and in a relatively short time the DBGS has made a good attempt of promoting themselves in the Geocaching community.

Today's event caught my eye because it deals with a contest of creative geocache containers. I came up with something interesting myself and will be interested how it does.

Here you can see my current location towards the top and the event near the bottom. This does show one of the advantages of using an application like GeoSphere on my IPad 2. Having the ability to see all or portions of Geocaches on a map makes Geocaching much more enjoyable. Well I have an hour to kill, time to do some caching and get out of this restaurant air conditioning. Check back for more details of my day and what I encounter.


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e6c said...

For when you put the video together the Dirtbag Geocaching Society is abbreviated as "DGS" no "DBGS". Thanks for coming out! Hope you enjoyed the event and the beer!