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Friday, June 24, 2011

Ustream and My IPad 2 Are Finally Talking To Each Other

Left-Dave Dufour, Right-Andy HeadHardHat Smith

One of the things that I really liked about my Android phone was it's ability to use the Ustream app and to be able to stream LIVE video. RVNN.tv uses this live capability to not only allow our viewers to see live recordings of all our shows but to also stream raw or edited shows as well. There was many times that I would watch RVNN.tv during my lunch break or even on the way home from work. Again great if you had an Android or PC available.

On my IPad 2, not so much...

I heard the same was to be said about the IPhone apps as well. It just could not do the live streaming and Ustream kept saying they were working on it. Heck, even my Roku box used the Live channel and it only allowed a couple of choices but that was it. If you searched for what you wanted you got bumpkins.

Episode of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv)
But now that has all changed. Now I don't know if this works on straight Macs but even as soon as last night I received an upgrade to my Ustream App on my IPad 2 and low and behold (angels singing in background) I now have full access to Ustream including Live streaming. I am now almost a happy camper. Yes I am happy the apps now work and I can watch Geocaching World or any of the other RVNN.tv lineup anytime I want on my IPad 2. Even Roku's Ustream Channel can access the Live Streaming. Now if only Ustream will cool off on jamming commercial down our throat every 20 minutes.. but I degress.

So by all means if you have either an IPhone or IPad, download the Ustream app and search on RVNN. You will now find the latest live streaming. Oh and while you are there check out Geocaching World. You will so be glad you did.

Tell'em Andy HeadHardHat Smith sent ya.


* Note the photos provided were taken right off my IPad2 -HHH

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