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Thursday, June 16, 2011

GeoWoodstock IX - Media & Podcast Studio Schedule Is Here!

Well it is almost here. The largest Geocaching event in the world is about to invade Warren, PA. Geowoodstock IX looks to be a whole lot of fun and judging from the schedule for Saturday July 2, 2011 we are going to have a whole lot to do.

What is extremely important IMHO will be what is going on from 11am EST to 5pm EST in the Live Media and Podcasting Studio. Why you ask? Great question. There you are going to be able to watch many of the top media personalities in the Geocaching world as they do their respective shows LIVE right there at GeoWoodstock for you to enjoy. So who is scheduled to be there. Let's see:

There will be famous podcasters like Darrylw4 and Firefly03, The Bad Cop and Sonny, Sandy and Sean. Then from the video and television side of things will be yours truly HeadHardHat.
It will be a full afternoon of great conversation and engaged audience participation.  Check the complete schedule for the entire day with all the details.

Oh and you may want to take the occasional break and see the other GeoWoodstock activities that are around too.

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
GeoWoodstock IX (GC2AZ7G) Warren County Fairground; Pittsfield, PA
9 am to 3 pm Registration Bldg. open
9 am to 6 pm Drop off and pickup trackables at Travel Bug Exchange
9 am to 6 pm Rainbow the Clown
9:15-9:45 Bird banding demonstration activity
9 am to 3 pm Silent Auction for some great prizes donated by sponsors and fellow geocachers
9 am to 3 pm Event Store open for business while merchandise lasts
9 am to 3 pm GPS Accuracy Game
9 am to 4 pm Geo-Bingo Icebreaker game
9 am to 6 pm GeoWoodstock Jr. Fun Zone for Kids activities
10 am Official Opening Cermony -Welcome to GeoWoodstock IX
11 am Meet the Reviewer Panel
11 am to 2 pm Searching for the Lost Dutchman's Treasure
11 am to 2:30 pm Official Meal Service Available

11 am to 5 pm Live Media and Podcasting Studio Open:
11: Cache-A-Maniacs (Darrylw4 and Firefly03)
12: GeoSnippits (HHH)
1: Geocaching Podcast (Darrylw4, HHH, & The Bad Cop)
2: Podcacher (Sonny, Sandy and Sean)
3: Caching Northwest (The Bad Cop)
4: Cachers of the Round Table (Darrylw4, Firefly03, HHH, The Bad Cop, & Sonny, Sandy and Sean)

11 am to 4pm Educational Classes in 2 separate classrooms
11 am Introduction to Geocaching and Introduction to Whereigo
12 pm GSAK 101 and Advanced Whereigo
1 pm Advanced GSAK and Caching with a Droid Phone
2 pm Make the Most of Your Premium Groundspeak Membership and Geocaching Etiquette
3 pm Sponsor Showcase by DeLorme and others TBA
1 pm to 4 pm GeoPoker Tournament
2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Live Music with Temple Gray
5:45 pm Closing ceremony

Now there is a really good possibility that we are going to be able to Ustream during the day. This means that you will be able to see some live video during the shows and as we go around the Geowoodstock event. It will all depend on the quality of the feed and the signal strength. If all goes well everyone around the planet can stop in and see what we are up to. Keep coming back for more details as we iron them out. Note for myself and many parts of the day I will be streaming live on RVNN.tv's Ustream. This is the same one we use when taping Geocaching World Live. Here is the link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rvnn-live you will get direct access there.

ALSO!!! If you want all the latest information about GeoWoodstock IX, what is going on during the day and where you can tune in for all the audio and video feeds remember to bookmark my blog and follow me on Twitter @headhardhat and Facebook. I will keep you informed from now to right up to the event and all the time during GeoWoodstock. Don't miss out on getting the inside scoop even if you can't be there. Tell your friends, family and any other geocachers out there that we will be doing something never done before! Be in on the fun.


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