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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One More Week of Madness Then HeadHardHat Is Back!

I really want to thank all the fans, viewers and geocaching seekers out there who has been putting up with my recent winter hiatus.  Here is the latest status.

If all goes well I will be moving to my new residence this Saturday. It was delayed a couple of weeks which threw my whole schedule out of whack. I wasn't able to do "Geocaching World (RVNN) last night because most of my 'studio' is packed and in partial transit. I will though be doing the Geocaching Podcast tonight via my laptop, portable microphone and a hand crank. Should be interesting.

As far as my health goes my leg is SLOWWWWLY  healing and still a bit of a discomfort. Doesn't help when I am moving stuff and should be staying off it but ya have to do what ya have to do..

So please be patient one more week and things should settle down a bit after I get things set up at the new place. I am going to setup a temporary studio downstairs whilst the main room where my studio will reside is getting sound numbed and wired. It will be so cool when done.

Again thanks for all the well wishes and 'where the heck have you beens?'.

So much stuff coming this year including more goodness from CES2012!  Stay Tuned.


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