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Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Do You Love Geocaching - Let US Know!

Why Do You Love Geocaching?
Geocachers love geocaching and we want to know why!

This Tuesday is Valentines Day and we are recording our next episode of Geocaching World at 6:30pm EST on February 14, 2012. Because of this we want to know why geocachers love geocaching and we need your input.

Please email your reason's why you love geocaching to geocache@rvnn.tv. Photos welcome too!

In the subject line put I Love Geocaching Because

Don't forget your name or geocaching alias in the email. If you are selected for our final list you may qualify to win a geocaching prize!!! There is no limit for how many reasons you love geocaching so send them in!

We thank you in advance and we will discuss all the ones selected during the show this Tuesday.

Thanks so much for your entries and good luck! See you in the chatroom.

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