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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) Ep. #919 - Geocaching Faux Pas

It is so good to be back in front of the camera again as we recorded Geocaching World last night while being joined by our very robust and informative chat room. I do have to admit that we had to work out some cob webs and technical difficulties but the show was great as usual. Yeah we had some hurdles all right. For me personally after coming back from some health issues and dealing with a move to my new residence things have been pretty hairy. In fact my temporary spot for my studio (aka the front room) was finally put together about an hour before the show.

There be gremlins here. It doesn't matter if you are doing something relatively basic like a podcast or more elaborate like a video-cast you are always going to run into technical difficulties. Tonight was no exception when things like right in the middle of the show my wireless router simply failed. It never did this before and maybe it was because of the move but BOOP! no internet connection at all. Co-Host Courtney Wallin and Managing Director Andy McCaskey did an impromptu fill in while I banged electronics with large blunt objects but eventually I made it back to continue our discussion. Don't you just love it when things like that happen while in a LIVE recording?

Speaking of the show we ran with a subject I very much enjoyed talking about recently on the Geocaching Podcast in regards to Geocaching Faux Pas. Those nasty little no-nos that we may or may not do while out hunting for geocaches. We talked about everything from how you should not put foul language in a cache log to don't lie to the authorities if approached. All in all we discussed over two dozen topics. You will just have to watch the show when it comes out in distribution.

Our prize winners received some really great swag from our Geocaching World Cache Stash which included a CoinsandPins.com First To Find Traveler Tag and a CoinsandPins.com Earth Geocaching Pin. Way cool and congrats to Mike Neal and Louis Caplan for winning these great prizes.

Other points of interest is the introduction to a new segment being shown on RVNN LIVE called Geocaching Radar. It is a quick jam packed summary about any possible place in the USA. Included is some great travel information and a description of a choice geocache that you may be interested finding in your travels. Be sure to check that out on RVNN LIVE.

Did you know that on ROKU there is now an official RVNN Channel? That's right, you can now join the potential three million plus Roku viewers and watch all of the RVNN.tv shows right on your TV! That includes Geocaching World. Check out all the details here: http://rvnewsnet.com/

As always I want to thank all the fans and viewers that visited us in the chat room while we recorded the show. It is always so great having you there. Thanks for being there.

If you are a company who would like to participate with our Geocaching World Cache Stash Sponsorship Program and donate prizes for our show please email geocache@rvnn.tv for more details.

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