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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OpenCaching.com Has Some New Updates and Reminds Us Of Some Geocaching Guidelines

This was sent out today from the folks at OpenCaching.com. Thought you might be interested.


Get familiar with local rules
Our handy geocaching guide lays out the basic rules of geocaching. But some special areas can require that you follow additional rules and guidelines. For example, some parks may require permits before you place a cache while others don’t allow geocaches at all. To help you navigate these special requirements, we’ve created a database of local rules*.
Like everything on OpenCaching.com, the data belongs to the community; this a publicly accessible, open and free database. When you hide a new cache on the site, you’ll be shown any regulations that apply to your new cache and you’ll be asked to explain how you followed those rules in your notes to reviewers. 
The local rules database is designed to empower geocachers to work closely with governments to promote responsible geocaching. If you know of an area with a geocaching policy not listed in the database, let us know and we’ll add it – check out the news page for details. 
See our other site improvements 
We’ve listened to your feedback and made a ton of improvements to OpenCaching.com over the past several months. We’ve enhanced the hide and review processes, added an RSS feed, doubled the size of our geocaching guide, improved our support for non-English speaking cachers and more. Check out the full list of updates on our news page.

You can read the memo in it's entirety by clicking here.

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