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Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh That Is Just Not Fair - Message From Geocoin Designer Chris Mackey

Geocoin Design Guru Chris Mackey and HHH

Man I love the world of Geocaching. I mean really how else can a person talk and get to know so many cool people around the world. There really is no limit to the amount of acquaintances and down right friendships someone can develop just being a part of the geocaching community.

Well I just received a message from a good friend and in my humble opinion THE leading expert in geocoin design Chris Mackey and it just has me all giddy like a you would not believe. Yes a big guy like me can get giddy like it was Christmas morning when the conditions are right... but I digress.

Anywho my buddy Chris sent me a cryptic message that he is sending me something in the mail that he wants me to see...  That's it... I know it must be geocoin related or at the very least is something on the scale of 15 from a max of 10 in coolness and now I have to wait... Arghhhhhhhh! Torture I tell you - pure torture...

Ah well, will let you all know what I get... If I am allowed to tell anyways and then I will just tease all of you like you know I can, muhahahahaha. Yep, loosing it...

If you would like to check out Chris's work be sure to go here:

Facebook Page

Aura Design Group


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