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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wanna See Some Geocache Photos From Space?

My legs are torn up like I had a loosing fight with a box of razor blades but it was all worth it. I attended, videoed and bushwacked like never before when I attended todays: Geocache in Space "L.E.I.F." MMXII Launch Party! What an adventure I will not soon forget! Here are some of the highlights.

Scott aka E6C (Echo Six Charlie) with weather balloon.
Arrived at the correct coordinates for the LEIF Launch Party and found E6C filling up the weather balloon that would be used to propel the geocache, camera box, and tracker into low earth orbit for as long as the weather balloon would allow before coming back to Earth via parachute.

Andy HeadHardHat Smith just before takeoff
 It was so exciting as countdown approached. I was also very pleased to meet fellow geocacher and good friend Dave DeBaeremaeker. Dave is a good friend of my TV show Geocaching World (RVNN.tv)

Dave (DeBear) and HeadHardHat at Event
Here you see the geocache just before takeoff. If you look closely you can spot the parachute just below the balloon, then the camera box with tracker and the very bottom is the small ammo box geocache.

10...9...8...7...6...5...  ...
Here is the money shot from low earth orbit. We don't have the actual information back yet as to how high the geocache went but we figure any where to 200,000 feet or higher. Will let you know once we find out.

A geocache with an alien's eye view of our wonderful Earth
Then came the painful part. Finding the geocache after it landed. We all took different routes looking for it. Mine in particular was bushwacking through .25 of a mile through extremely painful briars. Long story short my legs have been terribly razor bladed by thorns... Owie.. Even with the painful excursion we found the geocache intact and some breathtaking footage from way, way up there.

So after going through a major thunderstorm (trees and branches down everywhere) we managed to have an incredible adventure today. Will fill you in on all the details once we get them all and you will be seeing some really great videos coming out real soon. Not to mention I will be having Scott (E6C) on Geocaching World in the next few weeks.

Who said geocaching wasn't cool...?

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