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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Is Geocaching To Headhardhat?

In a recent interview I was asked, "What is Geocaching to HeadHardHat?".  I have to admit that the question threw me off balance for a moment or two. You see normally I simply get asked, "What is Geocaching?" but this was what is Geocaching to me. That my fellow reader is quite the open question. Here is the jist of what I replied.

Geocaching to me has many faceted sides. There is the personal escape I love when Geocaching allows me the freedom to choose what type of adventure I wish to pursue that day. For example, if I want to explore a new place I have never been to before, all I have to do is look for Geocaches in that area. If I want to solve puzzles or use my cognitive skills to shake out the cobwebs there are tons of Geocaches hidden to do that. Then there is the walk in the woods for a few discoveries or go for the numbers and snag a bunch of park and grabs. It's all there for the finding.

One of my favorite facets to Geocaching has to be the outlet of making Geocaches to hide. I just love either seeing a technique used by another geocacher and thinking, "That is so cool but what if you do this..." or to come up with a cool concept and show it to other geocachers and watch how they take it and mold it to something even better. That always gives me a rush.  That is one of the reasons I make the GeoSnippits videos I do. Not to blow my own horn and say look at what I created but to plant the seed with a fellow Cacher and watch them go crazy with the idea. 

Another side of Geocaching for me is the huge social network that is available to geocachers around the world be it Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Geocaching forums, Geocaching events and just plain calling a local Cacher and saying, "Let's Go Geocaching". There are so many ways to communicate with someone in this game, sport and obsession that literally spands the globe.  I cannot tell you how many invitations I have received over the years from geocachers in other countries and within the United States that give out the welcome hand of friendship just because of this common bond for finding Tupperware in the Woods. It's amazing.

Finally there is the presence in the media where I can help spread the word about Geocaching. It all started making a YouTube video about bison tubes and the next thing you know GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorials was born. Now I have dozens of Geocaching information tidbits to help the Geocaching community enjoy our activity even more. Throw in an award winning blog "Geocache: I'm Not Obsessed... Right?" and after years of expressing my experiences and insights it has turned into a fountain of searchable information also geared to help the Geocaching community. 

Now I am co-host on the Geocaching Podcast a weekly talk show where myself, XpunkX and Darrylw4 bring up interesting discussions about our favorite past-time. Then there is the features of being on Michigan Magazine TV (RFD.tv) and now having my own TV show Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) where co-host and fellow geocacher Courtney Wallin and I bring up our own experiences and helpful information each and every week. 

So from all of this and so much more, Geocaching to me is the cumulative blood, sweat and tears that makes Headhardhat get up each day and know something new is always just around the corner. It is a whole lot of work but a whole lot of fun as well and I wouldn't have it any other way. Geocaching is my life and for however long it lasts I am going to embrace the opportunities and adventures it gives me.


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