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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Geocachers - Time To Get Discovered!

Discovered an amazing book by Chris Mackey
We had mentioned a while back about an amazing book by geocoin designer extraordinaire Chris Mackey and what a book it is. It's titled Discovered Memoirs of a Geocoin Designer and in my not so humble opinion, it's a 'bute.

For starters let me tell you about the book first. It's hard covered and beautifully illustrated. It's limited edition and get this it's trackable at geocaching.com. So if you have any interest in geocoins, how they are made or just want to enjoy the beautiful full color example of art that Chris Mackey has originated this book is for you.

Chris Mackey and HeadHardHat

I will tell you how to go purchase one (while they last) at the end of this post but first WAIT - Don't go anywhere yet!!! Chris and the fine people at GxProxy have donated a copy of DISCOVERED for one lucky person to win.

Which means we are going to have a contest which will officially be starting Tuesday, August 28th, 2012. All details will be given first on Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) when we record LIVE at 6:30pm ET. You will want to be in our chatroom or G+ hangout that night because you will have the opportunity of getting an extra chance to the final drawing to win the book. Essentially doubling your chances! So be sure to click the Geocaching World link at the top right of this blog to get to the RVNN Ustream Chatroom (don't forget to book mark it) then we will all meet up on Tuesday night for ALL the details.

Now if you want to learn more about Chris's amazing book and purchase one for yourself. Go to the GxProxy website and click on the graphic. Enjoy. Did I mention there are only so many left???

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DaveQual said...

Could you please mention how many are left. I would not mind buying one, but I live on a tight monthly budget. I have to plan for splurge buys or rob Peter to buy Paul.