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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Learning My Waze Around Town

Over the years I have tested and utilized many different GPSr units, GPSr software and mobile applications. Some were not all that great and others had some really nice functionality. One mobile application that is available for Android and iOs and is in my book a real winner called WAZE. Their catch phrase is "Outsmarting traffic. Together" and they have the right idea.

What would you say if I told you that Waze is an interactive driving tool that not only gives you up to the minute traffic conditions as you drive but also is built to find you the quickest route to wherever you are going? Sounds good right off the bat doesn't it? How about this same utility can tell you were there are hazards in or next to your route that may effect your driving time? What if you could be alerted of a speed trap or police sighting real time? It even allows the map to have speed limit warnings and just about any type of traffic situation you can think of? Waze is that cool.

The idea is simple, there are already tons of Wazers already using the application. As you use the application you can very easily notify others of a hazard or situation like heavy traffic. It immediately goes live and you are limited to what you can put because it wont let you type if you are driving. I was pleasantly surprised just from my ride home at how many we're on the road right there with me and all the different things going on I should be aware of. Everything from cars on the side of the road to a half bag of mulch that was in my lane a few miles down. Keep in mind this is not just for highway or interstate travel. It works great for any road. I was heading to my subdivision and someone told of a cop waiting near the entrance. I waved as I passed by.

On the way to work today there was a large back up from an accident I was unaware of. Waze automatically found me the fastest route around it in a way I never even knew existed. I kept thinking to myself, "Where is this thing taking me?" and then when I got around all of the backup I realized what it had done and was completely blown away. This application is made for finding alternate routes. Awesome!

So yes this is an interactive driving tool you are going to want to use daily. Not to find your way home, rather to find your best way home. There are a lot of extras like points for participating, great info like gas stations with the best prices, a meet up function and so much more... Did I mention it is FREE? Yeppers it's free and I will be honest in that I would pay good money for it even if I had to... But I don't it's FREE...

So give WAZE a try, you will be glad you did.

FYI - thanks to all my friends on Google+ and Twitter who let me know about this great app!

- Andy Headhardhat Smith

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