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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random geocaching tidbit for the day: Ammo Box Geocaches

Random geocaching tidbit for the day: Ammo Box Geocaches

Geocachers do love the "treasure hunting" aspects of geocaching. Even though we do not find pirates chests filled with gold doubloons (usually). We do get to search for the next best thing and that is ammo boxes. Even if you are not into the assortment of swag that can be found in one. The sheer fun of looking for them can be very exhilarating. Don't think so? Look on the faces of children (at any age) as they go a hunting...

So regardless of your geocaching expertise check out the following article I wrote about ammo boxes and then try not to think about finding your next one for the rest of the day. I personally can't wait.

Below is a link to the complete post I did on the subject. Enjoy.

Check out the post in it's entirety here ->

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