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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random geocaching tidbit for the day: Adopt A Geocache

HeadHardHat and Geoness working on newly adopted geocaches

Random geocaching tidbit for the day: Adopt A Geocache

When adopting a geocache requires a bit of forethought. No the actual process of adopting a geocache is only a couple of clicks between the geocache owner and the adoptive owner. I am talking about the question of "Should this geocache continue on or should it have a natural death so that a better geocache can be put in it's place?"

Over the years I have adopted about 50 geocaches. Usually from established geocachers who could no longer continue on with the game. Many of them I still have to this day while others I have archived for better replacements. It's a judgement call for each of us but definitely something to consider. Below is a link to three separate posts about adopting a geocache. I hope you find it useful in your geocaching adventures as a cache owner.

Below is a link to the complete post I did on the subject. Enjoy.

Check out the post in it's entirety here ->

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Professor Benson said...

I've been trying to adopt one across the street from my house.