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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Great Time Recording Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) - Geocaching Pet Peeves

Andy HeadHardHat Smith - Host of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv)

All I can say is WOW - what a cool show! Well okay the stuff before we started recording Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) was not so fun, in fact it kinda sucked but the actual show itself - AWESOME!

What? What happened before we started recording? Well, if you visit us (and many of you do) when we record Geocaching World you know we experience our share of technical difficulties. It's just going to happen. Last night we must have take the prize out of the Gremlin's cereal box cuz everything was going to pot. I started out by having my main show laptop decided to have a software meltdown causing Windows to stop working. I am a computer guy and under other circumstances this was a nasty inconvenience but twenty minutes before the show this is a disaster. So here I am trying to diagnose the issue at hand and at the same time wondering if I have a backup option through one of my other computers... Time is going by and I make some headway with the issue but not enough. Do I setup computer #2 and not have a hangout? Can I setup all my other equipment in time? Now I am beginning to sweat. Finally I decided to grab my gaming Alienware laptop and see if I at least have basics to replace my show laptop. With only a few minutes to go I plug in all my audio and video equipment, play with the extra monitor and turn on Skype - it all worked. What a pleasant surprise. Oh I had to tweak the inputs for Skype but all the drivers including my camera loaded in automatically and worked the first time. What a relief.

So with all the craziness I was going through on my end apparently Courtney Wallin my cohort in crime was having her own issues with Gremlins. Sigh. Ah the price of doing LIVE TV. So here it's show time and both Courtney and I are frantically trying to get everything setup and the Ustream chat-room and the Hangout are filling up. We have such an amazing audience and they were so cool talking amoungst themselves and cheering us on while they waited. Too cool. After all the technical issues we started about 20 minutes late but that didn't phase any of us.

The show itself was a complete blast to do. We discussed Geocaching Pet Peeves and there was no shortage of topics. I had given Courtney a medium sized list and we only scratched the surface. Then we added a lot of discussion from the chat-room and hangout as well. We could have talked for hours but we had to draw the curtain and close the show. I do so love talking about geocaching.

The Geocaching World Cache Stash had a sweet trackable tag from our friends at CoinsandPins.com of which we gave away to a member of the chat-room/hangout. There was also more discussion about the Discovery book from Chris Mackey which we currently have a contest going on where you can win said book if you enter our drawing. The details are here about that: http://headhardhat-geocache.blogspot.com/2012/09/win-limited-edition-book-by-geocoin.html.

So all in all a smokin fantastic show including some spills, chills and thrills. Be sure to come and join the fun of seeing a live program recorded including all the behind the scenes goodness.

We record Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) every Tuesday night at 6:30pm ET. You can be part of our live audience by going into our Ustream Chatroom where you can see our live feed of the show as we record and/or you can join our Google + hangout by circling +Andrew Smith.

See you next week.

Andy HeadHardHat Smith

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