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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Is In Your Geocaching Arsenal?

One of the cool things about being a geocacher is the collection of tools we collect and absolutely need to do our game, sport and obsession. Geocaching has such a creatively broad spectrum of hiding spots which demands an almost Batman Utility Belt of gadgets and gizmos. What we want to know is what are some of your favorites, must haves and oddities. We will collect your suggestions and present them not only in this blog but on Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) this upcoming Tuesday, 10-23-2012. You can either comment at the. Bottom of this post or email to headhardhat@gmail.com. Please put in the subject line "Geocaching gizmos".

Some of HeadHardHat's favorites include:

- Roll of twine with magnet or weighted paper clips - For when we accidentally drop Geocaches into drains, holes, etc.
- Telescopic mirror - For looking into or behind areas before reaching for the cache.
- Multi Tool - A geocacher's must have for a whole array of Geocaching needs.

What are your favorites, let us know. Many time geocachers have wonderful ideas that others can benefit from. Share your experience with others. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Andy HeadHardHat Smith


Unknown said...

Picked up a couple tools at the dollar store on the weekend
1 being a telescoping flashlight with a magnetic head.
the second was a extension arm with a claw grabber on the end.

Cant tell you how many times that geocache was just a little bit out of reach
and had to impervise to get it out.

I also have a multi tool, tweezers, flashlight in the geo-truck

looking forward to watching the episode to see what else I can add

Home Budget Ideas said...
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