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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - October Cacher Coffee

XpunkX, Darrylw4 and HeadHardHat recording the Geocaching Podcast

 The Geocaching Podcast is such a fun show to do. Not only do I get the opportunity to talk about all the fun and exciting aspects of geocaching but I get to do it with such talented personalities like XpunkX and Darrylw4. Now take that and put it into an open discussion forum like our monthly Cacher Coffee and we can go on for hours if we wanted. Last night's show was no exception.

Matter of fact we were in such a talkative mood we almost did the entire show just on our initial show banter alone. Now what makes our Cacher Coffee episodes so much fun is that it is like I mentioned earlier an open format. We decide prior to the show what bullet points we want to discus and then discuss them. Normally in a show we have sometimes dozens of key points to talk about in a rather structured format but on Cacher Coffee nights we have about three broad points and we just go at it. The other nice thing is that during these episodes we open up the chat room and hang outs for our listeners to get their .02cents in as well. Sometimes we get a bunch of people who chime in, sometimes not. Either way we go through a lot of content. The hard part overall is getting us to shut up. Happened last night, we start the show. We get talking about what happened during the past week and we get over half way through the show and we aren't out of the banter stage yet. Way too much fun.

Believe it or not we did actually have some things to talk about and we discussed at great length subjects like
The lastest version of GSAK and the cool macro additions you can now add to your geocaching prowess, Cachesense has a really sweet update for Android and what is going on with the Geosphere / iOS6 bugs that are about to be fixed. It was a really enjoyable show to do and we hope you enjoy listening to it as we do making it for you. Be sure to check it out in the next day or so when it gets released to all the available podcaching sources. You can get all of the Geocaching Podcast episodes also right from our website at http://www.geocachingpodcast.com.

The Geocaching Podcast is recorded LIVE each and every Wednesday at 9:30pm ET. Be sure to come hear us and participate in our chat-room.

See you next week!

Andy HeadHardHat Smith 

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