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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Day With Debaere: Eight Geocaching Types and a Benchmark

I really love geocaching... can you tell? Then add to the fun in a combination of geocaching with friends AND going for a particular goal makes for a fantastic adventure. So when good buddy Debaere (Dave Debaeremaeker) asked if I wanted to try and pick up eight different types of geocaches in one day... I was geeked.

A real Durham Bull!
That's right we went for a

  • Traditional cache
  • Multi-cache
  • Puzzle cache
  • Whereigo cache
  • Virtual cache
  • Earthcache
  • Letterbox hybrid cache
  • Webcam cache 
  • and also found a Benchmark ta boot. 
HeadHardHat with Debaere in the background...

The cool thing is it all really was just for fun. To see if we could do it without it turning into a major pressure cooker. It really was not. We had a great time which also included a good lunch stop somewhere in the middle of the day. All in all we clocked about 60 miles or so and ended up finding a bunch of traditionals in a park after we reached our goal. That was just as the sun was setting.

So all in all, tons of geocaching greatness. Had fun with Debaere as always, got up-close and personal with a bull (don't ask), had a great tour of downtown Durham, NC, managed to parallel park in front of witnesses and not make a complete fool of myself (plus), geocached all around the Durham, Apex, Raleigh area and added several firsts to my geocaching career. Awesome!

Big thanks to Dave "Debaere" for the invite. Looking forward to many more!

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1 comment:

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I had a blast doing this with HHH. Looking forward to our next adventure - and more Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshakes :)