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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Geocaching World (RVNN.tv): 2012 Geocaching Holiday Gift List

Geocaching World (RVNN.tv): 2012 Geocaching Holiday Gift List

There are many celebrations of the Holiday Season,
we hope yours is full of good will and cheer!
We had another great show this year for our annual Geocaching World (RVNN.tv)  Geocaching Holiday Gift List and as with each year, I have been doing them since 2008, we get some surprises. Lets see if your geocaching wish list item is here. By the way you may want to print this out, put in some arrows and circles then leave to be seen by your spouse or significant other. Just saying .


Right on my Geocache:I'm NOT Obsessed... Right? blog we ran a poll with twelve of the most popular geocaching holiday gift ideas from past years. The rankings for all these items change from year to year but this is how they turned out for 2012. (Note - you were able to choose more than one item this year so that is why the percentages do not add up to the expected 100%)

Holiday Wish List Poll on Blog:

- Time  (62%) - winner and still champ! Don't we all want more time to geocache.

- Geocoins/Pathtags  (33%)

- More Quality Hides  (31%)

- Geocaching Gizmos  (27%)

- Gas Card for Cachemobile (25%)

- Geocache Containers  (25%)

- Outdoor Clothes (16%)

- Geocaching Mentor  (14%)

- GPSr  (14%)

- Rechargeable Batteries  (8%)

- Geocaching Smartphone Apps  (4%)

- Annual Park Pass  (4%)

I then also asked the same question to the geocachers on the geocaching.com forums what they would like. Check out the top four most selected then the rest were evenly spread out across the board so we grouped them together by category for ease of viewing.  Here are the results:

2012 Christmas Geocaching Holiday List

 #1 - AA Rechargeable Batteries - Winner, have to keep those GPSRs powered!

#2  - Time

 #3 - Gas Card

 #4 - Ram Mount for Bike

Gizmos and Tools:
Telescopic mirror
Space pens
Head lamp
Write in Rain Notepads
Pocket Recorder

GPSr Units:
Oregon 450
Delorme PN-60

Winter pants
Geocaching Gloves
Snowshoes and Socks

Ammo Cans

Swag in General
Personal Tokens as swag

Photo Book of the last years adventures
Nice Weather
TB Window Sticker
Travel Bug Tags
Renew Premium Membership
Moun10bike Geocoin

We hope you enjoyed this year's Geocaching Holiday Gift List for 2012 and if you did not see what you want please be sure to participate in our polls and posts to get your suggestions in next year. 

All of us at RVNN.tv, Geocaching World, and GeoSnippits want to wish each and all geocachers around the world a joyfull holiday season!!! Be safe out there.

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