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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Munzee Benchmark

Had an absolute blast today on a gorgeous fall day here in Raleigh, North Carolina. The temps were near 70 with an abundance of sunshine. So I just had to go out and get some geocaching/Munzee Hunting done.

Below you can see my Munzee attack route for the day. It was great, not only were the hides done very well with a minimum of searching required but it didn't take all afternoon to do the run. In fact it only took about 40 minutes or so. Awesome.

A dozen Munzee sweep
Oh sure don't get me wrong I love geocaching and taking those long walks on the greenways or enjoying the woods in all their glory. Though when it comes to urban hides where all you have to do is walk up and do a click and scoot, there is nothing like it.

As an added bonus I also was able to do a benchmark find as well. The hider of the Munzee saw fit to point it out which was very much appreciated. See below.
Benchmark near a Munzee hide
Well the afternoon is young and while I wait to see what this evening will bring in weekend activity I think I am going to head back out for some geocaching. So, what are your geocaching plans this weekend?

-Andy HeadHardHat Smith

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Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

It was hiking today, taking it easy tomorrow, however we spent a little to much time furniture shopping thus morning. Long story short I had no time to hike, but gained an awesome man chair. Now tomorrow is hike day.

Ann said...

we like finding Munzees but they are few and far between here in Scotland. I have put out 4 so far and only one person has found 2 of them. Even in Glasgow there are only a handful, shame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy. Congrats on finding the benchmark AND the munzee. It's fun when multiple hobbies come together!
-Paul- (PFF)