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Monday, January 14, 2013

Geocaching For A Better You

Well lessee, the holidays are now behind us and for all the geeks out there CES2013 is a fading memory. If you watch television, the commercials are rampant with advice for your 2013 resolutions including ways for you to get back in shape and ways to loose weight. For me personally I feel that ' round ' is a shape but it really is more healthy for people to do some form of exercise and keep that heart thumping. 

So what is my suggestion to you? Why GEOCACHING of course. What better activity is there than one that takes you on an adventure, gets you outside and if done correctly can provide hours of hiking, biking and walking yourself to a better you? Think about it, depending on where you live, there are oodles of possibilities for you to explore. Note- park and grabs don't count. I'm talking some distance here and not just getting out of your car, walking 50 feet and going back; repeat.
If you want some serious healthy benefits you really need to know your limits and try to get yourself pumped by geocaching and trekking some distance. If you get off your couch and try at the very least you will be getting some good exercise and having fun do it.  The point to all of this is you actually need to do it. For some the hard part is starting.

Fine, I will get off my soap box and let you get back to what you were doing. I feel it is my public duty to sprinkle some helpful insights. Mostly to help you all but also to spark a fire under my own, err, tookus and see if I can stick around for my family longer. If I can be around longer for them by doing something I enjoy like geocaching then that is a win-win for everybody. 

So what say you?


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Ordinary Hiker said...

Hey HeadHardHat!

Love the post, and I agree. I've been trying to use Geocaching and Letterboxing as inspiration to loose some weight. It's been a lot harder in the winter, but I'm trying to push through.

The Letterboxing community has a program in place, "Treasure Hikers". For every mile you walk, you earn a point. So if the cache is a two mile hike from where you park, you get 4 points (to and from the GZ). After so many points, you earn a Pathtag or other awesome LB swag! I've started to use this to inspire me to lose weight. .

For Geocaching, Ive started to focus on Non-Park N Grabs, and give myself a point for any Geocache that I go over 1/2 a mile for. This weekend I covered 3 miles!

Dane Morgan said...

Andy, this is in part what I got into Geocaching for. Between Geocaching, increasing activity levels by taking walks and hikes to get in shape for geocaching and altering my eating habits just a bit I have dropped from about 400lbd at my heaviest to a mere 290 now. I'm not stopping until at least 220, and I can't imagine stopping then either!