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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Testing The Powerbag by Ful

Powerbag by Ful

I just purchased the Powerbag by Ful this last weekend and took it for a preliminary test. Have to admit, it was very nice having that extra power to recharge my devices on the go.

Went out this last weekend with my iPad2, Nexus 7 tablet and my Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone in tow. Now depending how my day would go and how far away I was from an electrical outlet determined how long these devices would be in use during my adventures. Though this time I had an advantage. Like Felix the Cat I had a magic bag to rely on.

Okay, maybe it was not magic but it was magical in the way my new Powerbag by Ful kept my devices topped off and usable. To test it out I left a goodly part of my weekend day out and about. Inside the basic backpack was my iPad2 which was connected to the Powerbag battery via usb connection. Also my Nexus 7 tablet which connected to the packs Android connector which switched off with my Galaxy S3 smartphone. There was plenty of room for my laptop computer but I really did not want to lug that around so that was left home for this test.

When I started I connected the iPad2 and my smartphone to the plugins of the bag and then plugged the bag to an electrical outlet to charge both items and the battery to full capacity. My Nexus 7 was charged separately. When I started out everything was topped out.

During the day I kept the bag turned on so it would keep all the devices topped off. It automatically goes into standby when this happens. You can check the level of the battery by pressing a convenient button outside of the bag. A happy four bars told me everything was fully charged. In my adventures I went geocaching and also filmed several segments of a future GeoSnippits Reboot Video. I was utilizing my cell phone for some of the geocaching and navigation functions. That put a drain on the phones battery. When not in use I plugged the cellphone back into the pack and just left the Nexus 7 unplugged. It stayed at 100% because of it being topped off in the first place. When stopped at for some blogging and lunch time I pulled out my iPad2 which also stayed nice and full battery wise. Spent an hour and a half writing some articles and doing some other necessary stuff. Plugged the iPad2 back in and headed over to do some shopping.

By the time I made it over to the mall my smartphone was charged up almost all of the way and I was good to go. Judging by the meter on the bag I had three out of four bars left. More than enough to finish out any other activities if I wanted to. If I had not my phone would have been dead and my iPad2 would have been around 60% or so. Needless to say by the end of the day I would have been hurting.

So overall I am pleased with having the ability of keeping my tablets, iPods and smartphones going much longer than not having the Powerbag. It is comfortable to wear when out in the wild or heading for the coffee shop and now I won't have to fight someone for that one outlet the next time I am a restaurant.


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