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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Will Your Geocaching Accomplishments Be In 2013?

Okay, 2012 is now a fading memory and for me personally is not going to be going down as one of my favorites. In fact, shy of having my wonderful daughter with me and being blessed with an amazing girlfriend. The rest of the year pretty much sucked on a massive scale. Because of all this LIFE going on directly impacted my ability to geocache. In fact this was my worst year for Geocaching EVER. If it wasn't for my good friend DeBaere getting me out in the wild I wouldn't have any geocaches at all.

So enough bellyaching. 2013 is now here and it is time to get back in the groove. Time for a new start and look at our favorite game, sport and obsession. This year I am setting goals and posting them on my blog. I will also be letting you know about all the media for your entertainment and instructional needs. Shows like Geocaching World, The Geocaching Podcast and our brand new GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast and tutorial and videos. This and so much more will be coming your way so stay tuned!

Now for you. What are your Geocaching goals for 2013? Are you going to stay in the same old rut or are you going to expand your abilities and enhance your adventures? We want to know. Feel free to comment below and inspire others. Be sure to send in your photos and videos so we can show them off. Email to HeadHardHat@gmail.com.

Let the geo-fun begin.



Judi Chesshir said...

I would like to do 400 or more. I found a little over 300 in 2012. I love geocaching.

Unknown said...

My 2013 goal is to place one epic cache, that will require a lot of time and effort to find. A multicache that will require the use of a kayak/canoe...a long hike, more kayaking/canoeing, tunnel section and finally the final stage will be a steep hike at a great state park. I know it won't be found much, but it will be a milestone worthy cache. I enjoy your blog, thanks for posting

Allan Johnson said...

Our goal is to reach 700+ caches this year, and reach our 3000 geocache milestone!

To follow along, check out the blog: treasureislandcaching.com