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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Geocaching Quick Tips: Lanyards

Today's geocaching quick tip deals with an item that once used, you'll never want to go geocaching without one again. I am speaking in this case about the humble lanyard.


Now normally a lanyard is used when you go to say a geocaching event. It is usually a cord of some type with a small closable hook and some plastic with a hole to hold your name tag. Simple and effective for holding an item that you do not want to carry around all day.

For geocaching you want something more heavy duty and I have found over time that this unique wearable is very effective holding items that you use each and every time you go out geocaching. It is a great alternative to pulling out your small geocaching pack every time you want to do a park and grab.

Think about it, depending on what you want to attach to your lanyard you will always have a pen with you plus have easy access to your most trusted tools of the trade. Best of all, you can even have a place to hang your GPS unit. No pack needed.

Lanyards can come with all sorts of custom attachments. Multiple clips means multiple items you can hook on and will be at your fingertips. 

Sound interested?  Simply shop around for the one that fits your needs. There are tons of choices on the internet. Again, once you do start using a lanyard that works and feels best to you personally. You will wonder how you geocached without one.

See you out on the trails,

Andy HHH Smith


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