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Monday, May 4, 2015

Lunchtime Geocache: Left Some Swag

Had a fun, yet longer than expected lunchtime search for todays geocache find. It was supposed to be a regular size so I thought it would be a quick smiley. Unfortunately it was very well hidden within a bunch of young pine trees and shrub. Ground Zero was about 50 feet off so some serious looking around was necessary. Needless to say with a bunch of pine needles down the back of my shirt, which is why I usually wear a hat, I found it.

Since it was a fairly good sized geocache I placed one of my signature first aid kits within. I love the first aid kits because they are a buck a piece and very handy when needed.

I also was pleased to see a CITO 35MM container. These were popular a while back but have petered out as of late. The idea is you take the plastic bag inside the 35mm container. Fill it with trash on the way back to your car and then refill a new bag into the 35mm and place it in your next geocache. They worked great. Hope they catch back on.

Well it's time to hit the drive thru and back to work. A great bit of nice weather and geocaching hunting always makes me smile.

See you out on the trails,