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Friday, May 8, 2015

Geocaching Quick Tips: Multi-Tools

If you are new to geocaching, one of the first items I would suggest to you to add to your "Must Have" list is a good multi-tool.

Why you may ask?

The answer is basic, you are going to need one at some point or another when geocaching. There are way too many examples to mention so I will bring up just a few.

Pliers  - for getting logs out of micro geocaches, opening stubborn bison tubes, grabbing geocaches you can't reach with your fingers, etc..
Scissors - for trimming new replacement logs.
Toothpic - log removal.
Tweezers - log removal, ticks, splinters.
Assorted tools - when needed
and it even has a knife or two.

If you are out and away from your geo-mobile and have a situation that requires just that certain something to fix or find a geocache. A well built multi-tool in your pocket or pack will save you a lot of unnecessary grief.

Oh and for the Swiss Army Knife people out there a Quick Tips is coming soon.

See you out on the trails.

Andy HHH Smith

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