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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Geocaching Quick Tips: Placing A Geocache BEFORE it is Published

Geocaching Quick Tips: Placing A Geocache BEFORE it is Published

I have found this to be a truly newbie geocache issue.

Filling out and submitting a new geocache hide and not actually place the geocache BEFORE it is actually Published.

I have found the reason it tends to be a newbie issue is if you are the hider and actually have this happen you will get some unkind logs. If you are the possible finder you most likely will be placing a non favorable note to the hider stating your displeasure. For the hider you most likely do this only once.

So what happens:
An FTF Hound or geocacher receives a notification stating a new geocache was just published.
The race is on! How far away are you from the new geocache? How quickly can you get to ground zero and how many other geocachers could get there before you?  Tally Ho.

First To Find hounds all want to be signer number one and enjoy the bragging rights of "Clean Sheets".
Except for one problem. The geocache was not put in it's hiding spot by the hider.

Absolutely maddening to geocachers. Nobody wants to go for a fresh find and have to mark a Did Not Find. Especially if it hasn't been actually placed yet.

So a very good Geocaching Quick Tip is to actually place the geocache in it's hidey whole BEFORE you actually publish the cache page. A very common response from new geocacher is, "I didn't realize it would be published so quickly".

Don't take the chance and hide your geocache first! We would be very appreciative.


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