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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caches! Found! Raleigh, NC

Ahhh, two caches this morning. Great start.

There is nothing like finding a cache on the way to work. Why? I think it is that border-line action that makes you momentarily feel naughty. You know, that "If I dude it I get a whip'n.... I dude it!", kind of thing.

I know I should be going to work like every other soul on the road. I should be a model employee and/or drone and just get in my car and go directly to the place of my employment. I know I should, but there they are, caches. Waiting for me to find them and to help get my little extra thrill for the day. Heck for me they are better than a cup of coffee sometimes. So for now, I indulge in the quick micro here, small lock box there and find every shortcut I can to make it to the cubical on time.

How about you?

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