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Thursday, May 29, 2008

That would be 500 feet of pure bushwack!

That would be 500 feet of pure bushwack! Cache Found! Falls Lake, NC.

So I say to myself.. Pure bushwack.. Hmmmm, It's only 500 feet. How bad could it be? Then as I trek through the woods it dawns on me that this is a NCTrecker cache. Greatttttt, I'll never find it.. But I must.
So as the mosquitos are dining on my flesh, the flys buzz my ears, hair and face. I look down and brush away the rather large orb spider from my pant leg, I press on.
The cache area is hidden well under the lush canopy of green. There are possible hiding places piled on top of possible hiding places and this is the master of cami - well great but I press on.
So at the 30 minute mark of playing "bouncy arrow" I just look and prod and look some more. Finally there as if it was a part of the host I find the cache. WooHoo!
Somehow the bushwack back to the car was not quite so "thick". Thanks NC for pushing me out of my comfort zone and into the thick woods.
P.S. Still haven't seen a snake yet - thank goodness.

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