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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy Secret Decoder Ring Batman!

Okay it is no secret that I am a complete and utter geek. Know it, acknowledge it and embrace all the wonders of it. So when I found out that someone was coming out with a pocket decoder geocoin, my must have it button went off big time.

I don't want to sound like a commercial but this is one of those items that fits my personality. I always carry at least one geocoin in my pocket everywhere I go. It is an item that I can hold and flip from finger to finger while I am trying to think or when I get going on a subject of interest. Some people chew pencils, others twiddle their thumbs, I like to spin coins. Anyway this geocoin is actually the size and shape of an actual pocket watch which is perfect. The decoder is based off of several known coding processes and has interchangeable center wheels.
I love it because I can now make some rather creative new mystery caches. My brain is already hard at work devising some ways to really shake the routine cache finds. Including easy decodings with letter for letter swapping and the more secure Vigenere Cipher with using a keyword. I know this type of coding has been around forever but now it is always in my pocket when I need it.. My inner geek dances with joy.
Will keep you informed of my new mystery caches soon.. Stay tuned.
BTW you can check out the Pocket Decoder Geocoin at http://www.thecachingplace.com/pocketdecodermain.htm
Oqnf Twv! (Have Fun!)

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