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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Geocaching With NCBiscuit

I recently had the pleasure of filming an upcoming GeoSnippits segment for Michigan Magazine TV (RFDTV Network) that I called "Geocaching with NCBiscuit". When all was said and done, the segment which will air later in the year turned out just the way I wanted it. With that being said I really wanted to toot the horn some more about this amazing team. I say team because it shows the team effort between my good friend Linda a.k.a. "NC" and her very lovable canine partner "Biscuit". Linda has been geocaching for about five years now which coincidentally is how old Biscuit is. Together they have over 5000 geocaching finds.  In the geocaching community they are like peanut butter and jelly. When you see one of them you immediately think of the other.

Linda is an amazing geocacher that I have had the privilege to geocache with in the past. Her warm smile and energetic spirit is immediately apparent when you meet her. Biscuit is a bundle of raw energy and even though she has had two acl replacements, never stopped moving for a second and is an avid geocacher in her own right.

As we walked around the Jordan Lake Gamelands one of the geocaches was near the waters edge. Before you could say fetch Biscuit was diving for anything that resembled a stick. The issue was never if we could get Biscuit in Jordan Lake but if she would ever get OUT of Jordan Lake. Luckily Linda has trained her well and Biscuit would be where ever Linda told her to be. It was quite fun to watch how smoothly they worked together.

We had a great time filming the Geocaching with NCBiscuit segment and I can't wait till it airs. Now viewers in all 50 states will be able to meet and greet this fantastic geocaching duo.

Thanks NCBiscuit for such a fun geocaching adventure.


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