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Sunday, October 24, 2010

GeoSnippits - Make Your Own Geocaching Travel Bug

Pete The Parrot is a real party animal travel bug.

It never fails, not that it is a bad thing mind you. I have a tentative list of all the GeoSnippits videos that I want to do in the near future. Hundreds of them actually but I usually keep a list of about thirty near me at all times. I was just about to start the next on the list and suddenly I get a bunch of requests from our viewers that pertain to a subject I had no intention of doing right now but how can I let down my peeps? So that is why out of the blue I created this latest GeoSnippits - Make Your Own Geocaching Travel Bug. I literally received five requests from different viewers in the same week. So why not?

This is actually a really informative and fun video to watch. Filmed almost entirely in green screen we show you how to make your own travel bug, register it on geocaching.com, package it so it is ready to go into the wild and finally actually show you it's placement into a nearby travel bug hotel.

By the way I don't actually note in the video that you can purchase travel bug id tags just about anywhere online. There are tons of online stores that sell them and they cost about $5.00US.

Hope you enjoy this informative GeoSnippits geocaching video and keep those suggestions coming cus yours might be the next one.


If the video player does not show the video you can get a direct link here at you tube:

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salsaguy said...

Great episode HHH. Now you need to do a follow up episode on how to properly log a Travel Bug/Geocoin when you find one in a cache. This is an area that many geocaches dont properly do and it causes a lot of grief for TB owners.

Show where to log it and the differences between "retrieving a TB" and "discovered"

Also might be helpful to show how TB owners can do TB/coin dipping or take then along for "visits" to other caches but not leave them in the actual cache.

Just some ideas I think would help the GC community.

john smith said...

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